Photo de Julia Lianis, architecte MOAQ, fondatrice, Biophile

Julia Lianis
Architect MOAQ

Passionate about innovation in architecture

Julia has worked for over 10 years in architectural firms where human, social and ecological values are brought to the fore in architectural projects. She played the role of Senior Project Manager and Director of Innovation due to her managerial skills, leadership and innovative vision in both the design process and architectural achievements.


Julia is, above all, passionate about ecological architecture. She founded the company Biophile to propose, design and build contemporary architectural projects in nature. Julia takes part in training courses and keeps herself informed of the requirements of the various certifications such as Novoclimat, Maison Passive, LEED, Net Zéro and Living Building Challenge. She also visits residential projects in Quebec in order to follow the concrete applications of ecological concepts. In her design and choice of materials, she mainly uses the guidelines of the Ecohabitation organization, the benchmark in healthy and ecological housing.